Things You Didn’t Know About My Business

Things You Didn’t Know About My Business

Hi all

Here’s some things you maybe didn’t know about my small business Apiphany Jewellery

  1. My rings are adjustable – all the rings I sell are adjustable apart from the ones I make myself as they are made to fit your fingers. One size fits all. Or even if you want to move the ring to wear it on your pinky finger instead of your thumb.
  2. The velvet bags they come in are to keep your jewellery safe– my friends use them for your travelling to keep all your jewellery together. 
  3. I offer free postage to the UK on orders over £25– This means I can post to you for free if you live within Northern Ireland and GB. This is a perfect reason to treat yourself to new jewellery.
  4. I can hand deliver to you – If you live around Camlough and Newry I can deliver to your house the same day or next day. I can also meet you in Newry if you live a little further away. Its great for anyone who needs their jewellery urgently for a night out or for a gift. Just message me and I can deliver to you no problem.
  5. I work from my sisters bedroom – my bedroom is so tiny so my sisters bedroom has lots of space for my business. I work from her desk and use her shelves for storage. I have to relocate when she comes home for the weekend though, but I don’t mind.
  6. My packaging is all recyclable - yes that's right all my packaging can be recycled. The postage bags, tissue paper, business cards and the velvet bags can be reused.

Hope you learned something new about Apiphany in this post, see you in the next one

Aileen xx

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